Free Competition ! ! ! (Answers)

Won By Heather Gooch ~ Essex
1) Ozzy Osbourne was born in Birmingham UK
What was his home address ?

14 Lodge Road, Aston.

2) Which profession is the 'Odd One Out' ?

Nurse ~ Baker ~ Banker ~ Fireman ~ Barber

All the other professions are mentioned in
The Beatles song 'Penny Lane'

3) What was the first CD to be pressed in the USA?

Artist : - Bruce Springsteen
Title : - Born in the USA

4) What do the following Actors/Actresses have in common?
Mae West ~ Fred Astaire ~ Marlene Dietrrich
Marlon Brando ~ Shirley Temple ~ Tyrone Power

All appear on The Beatles Sgt Pepper album cover

5) Live Aid was in July 1985
Who sang the first song & what was the title ?

Artist : - Status Quo
Title : - Rockin' All Over The World.

6) The 1st record that Danny (RRR) bought was a Sammy Davies '78'
What is the title of that record ?

Title : - Because Of You.

The closing date was on the last day of February 2004

The winner was chosen by an independent & their decision is final

The winner has been notified by e-mail and is Heather Gooch ~ Sussex


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